We are a Canadian Wiccan seminary, established to train Wiccan Temple clergy. Our intention is to fully equip our students to lead established public Temples and to start new ones. In addition to this primary purpose, the Seminary will provide Wiccan religious education for the general public and academic upgrading for Wiccan clergy, and publish resources for religious education in the Wiccan faith.

The Seminary is an independent body in theological agreement with the United Wiccan Fellowship of Alberta. Membership and involvement in UFWA churches is not a prerequisite to enrolment in the Seminary.

Potential students must be legal adults and must signify in writing that they agree with our statement of beliefs and our ethics statement (below).  Although there are numerous more-or-less compatible religious paths which all call themselves Wiccan, we restrict our teaching to those that we agree with theologically and organizationally. We will refer to the others, we may include writings and ideas from them, but we will not teach them. We also do not offer Initiation into any specific Tradition.

In addition to the statements of beliefs and ethics, which are required for all students and teachers, prospective full-time students will be required to send an autobiographical letter detailing why they wish to follow a path of public Wiccan ministry, letters of reference from at least two Elders in their community attesting to their character and dedication, and be interviewed by a committee of instructors and current students. A clean RCMP Criminal Records Check will be required of all full-time students at the time of enrolment.

Statement of Shared Beliefs:

a) polytheism – there are many goddesses and gods and many paths to their worship;
b) equality of the sexes – both women and men, both goddesses and gods are equally sacred;
c) equality of sexual identity – all gender identities and sexual preferences are facets of the divine in the world, so long as they are full consensual in expression;
d) the natural world is an expression of divinity, including the divinity of our bodies;
e) the human worlds of culture are expressions of divinity, including the cities, the arts, the skills and employment of human life; and that
f) our Fellowship is a work of the sacred which we undertake together with our Gods.

Ethics Statement:

Although there are many goddesses and gods and many Paths to their worship, our path does not involve;

a) animal sacrifice,
b) any coercive activities,
c) any form of discrimination against a person based on their membership in a group they were born into: racism, sexism, heterosexism, transphobia, ethnic identity,
d) malfeasance or dishonorable behavior,
e) breaking Priestly confidentiality, subject to the law, or
f) oath-breaking.