Some news

The Seminary is now in partnership with the United Wiccan Federation of Alberta, although our courses and workshops will continue to be available to the general public. We will be offering a series of workshops beginning in February 2017 in Edmonton, and clergy training through relationships with mentoring congregations is ongoing.

Our Dean, Sam Wagar, will be teaching a for-credit course in Wiccan Theology (CHRTP 400) as a joint offering through University of Alberta and St. Stephen’s College, in fall 2017.


4 thoughts on “Some news

      1. Hi
        sabra zawaski here,
        I would love to take the course,
        I’m located north west Edmonton.
        Where is the course being offered?
        Thank you for getting back to me…


  1. Likely we’ll do it in my basement library/ritual space, located in the Hazeldean neighbourhood a little south of Whyte ave on the other side of the river. When we did it last year we had thirteen meetings of a couple of hours each on Monday evenings. The day is flexible this time, because my co-teacher’s work schedule will be changing. Drop me a note at my email and we can discuss it privately. And I can send you details when they’re settled.


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